Cheap Takeaway Food Online Ordering Website Specification

Our new Online Ordering Websites are up and running! We’re very proud of this wonderful little system which has grown and evolved so much since it was first introduced by our sister site, Cheap Takeaway Menus, and we’d like to let you know just what it can do for your business.

The Basics

The Online Ordering Websites allow you to list all of your products online by category in an easy to navigate structure.

Screenshot of the list of available categories from the demonstration site

Inside each category menu items are listed in alphabetical order along with a description of the dish (if needed) and the price.

Screenshot of a list of items from the demonstration site

The not so basic

In addition to displaying your products and listing them for sale the website also details your opening times and delivery information.

If there is information displayed on the front of site there is a corresponding section in the administration section for entering that information. Opening hours, delivery information, payment information and most importantly menu information, can all be added and edited by you in real time.

Screenshot of the Opening Information from the demonstration site

Screenshot of the Delivery Information from the demonstration site

A major recent addition to the front of the site (the bit the customer sees: your menu and other information) is the use of what are known in the technical community as information labels. These collect your menu and opening hours into nice packets of information for Google and other search engines to absorb and store easily. This makes it a lot more likely that your site will be found in the search engines. From a marketing perspective this is extremely useful. It opens up your important information to Google and others search facilities, which means you do not have to put in extra effort to give your site ranking forward momentum, and relevant information is immediately available to anyone performing a search.

Example of microformat information contained within the site.

Your website is more than an online store. It serves as a permanent and changing advertisement for you and what you do; it is also a secure communication tool for your customers and for you. A contact form on the site allows them to send a direct message, without the need to compose an email to you. No more listing email addresses in plain sight, allowing spammers to constantly bombard you with email after useless email, wasting your time as much as their own.

Screenshot of the contact form from the demonstration site

Links to terms and conditions, privacy and cookie policy pages ensure that the site also keeps you covered legally.

Screenshot of the footer and links of the demonstration site

The not at all basic

So that was the simple stuff, from a programming perspective anyway.

Now on to the bells and whistles.  While we would consider this to be more complex from our point of view, our aim is to make it as user friendly as possible. In short, we put in the hard work to make things easier for you. After all, we wouldn’t come to your takeaway and be asked to cook our own food.

So first things first.

The Basket

Screenshot of the basket from the demonstration site

If you’re an online shopper (and who isn’t these days) you’ll know what this is. The basket allows your customers to build their order, change their order, and add or remove items. All choices and changes are tracked and the basket adjusts with each change, keeping a running total of the items and any extras the customer has chosen.

The Products

Screenshot of the Items list in the administration section of the demonstration site

Our team has engineered the product section of the website to work with ease regardless of the type of takeaway food you sell.

There is the option on all items to attach attributes and descriptors like ‘spiciness rating’, ‘vegetarian’, and ‘vegan’. This is an evolving list so more and more detail will be added in time.

The process of developing this system included close consultation with a number of takeaways in order to make sure that we succeeded in making this starting system as flexible as we possibly could.

Screenshot of the individual item edit screen of the demonstration site

Multiprice, Extras, and Choices

We have built a system that can cover any product variable. For example,

  • Do you want to list chicken nuggets in quantities of 6 and 12? Not a problem if use the multiprice option.Screenshot of a multiprice item from the demonstration site
  • Do you want to offer the customer a choice of boiled rice or fried rice? You can by using the either or option in the choices section.Screenshot of an item choice from a category from the demonstration site
  • Do you want to let the customer select 2 main course dishes as part of a set meal? Use the choose from a main category option in the choices section.Screenshot of the administration section for creating a Main Category choice.
  • Do you want to allow a customer to add extra garlic sauce? Just use the extras option.Screenshot of the Item extras administration section.

Price changing facility

Screenshot of the price change facility of the demonstration site.
This is a particularly useful and versatile administration tool which can save you both time and effort, not to mention minimising any input errors and giving you even more control of your website content. The price changing option enables you to change your prices in large groups, corresponding to the values and information you give the system. If you want to lift all prices across the store by 2%, lower the price of burgers by 10p, change all the drinks listed in the 330ml cans category to £1.50 rather than £1, then our system lets you accomplish this with just a few considered clicks of a mouse button.

Screenshot of the produced output of the price alteration system of the demonstration site.

The User Area


Our websites now offer what we call the “User Area”. This is of benefit to both you and your customers in terms of website use and sales. Essentially, this section is devoted to your online customers and offers them the opportunity to create an account and set very basic data about themselves (e.g. their usual delivery address) which will be pre-filled when the customer reaches the delivery and payment forms on future orders. It may appear to be a minor addition but this development will lead to “one press” checkout screens; the amount of time this will save your customers and especially you translates into faster order processing, faster turnarounds, and ultimately faster deliveries. Every change we make to the website is built on the idea of providing great customer service, both by us to you and by you to your takeaway customers.

Screenshot of the user administration area that allows the user to enter their information.

While we are talking about customer information, it is worth mentioning the newest payment gateway offered by Worldpay. We have negotiated fantastic rates with Worldpay for our customers and their new gateway has the ability to issue reusable tokens allowing your customers to save card details but not store the data on your site. This removes the need for higher data protection payments by you. Customers can simply opt to “reuse this card later” and Worldpay do the rest! Yet again this adds a level of ease to your customers’ checkout experience.

Screenshot of the section that allows users to enter a default delivery address to be used by the system.

As you can see we’ve looked to cover every eventuality. And if we’ve missed something, or something can be improved, then we’ll make sure we sort it out. With each new site that launches we see either a perfect fit or an idea to add something new. The beauty of this system is its capacity to evolve.

Change password screen for the users.


Screenshot of the basket delivery information screen.

The delivery system is the most complicated aspect of the website. While we haven’t yet come up with a solution which means you don’t need to drop the food off yourselves (note to self: cheap takeaway drones??) our system will remove any concerns about delivering to the wrong place or calculating the correct delivery charge.

Screenshot of the delivery information screen.

Our system automatically works out the cost for delivery of an order to a specific address according to rules set by you. We provide you with a choice of 10 completely configurable delivery types.


Standard Delivery

The workhorse of the website’s delivery system.

  • No delivery
  • All order charges at £x
  • All order charges at £x for y miles
  • Free delivery when order is over £x, all other deliveries charged at £y
  • Free delivery when order is over £x, all other deliveries charged at £y for z miles
  • Free delivery when order is over £x, all other deliveries are declined
  • Free delivery when address is inside x miles, all other deliveries are charged at £x
  • Free delivery when address is inside x miles, all other deliveries charged at £y for z miles
  • Free delivery when address is inside x miles, all other deliveries are declined
 Screenshot of the delivery options available.

Postcode Delivery 

Using this aspect of the delivery system enables you to choose specific postcodes you will deliver to and have a separate charge for each postcode, or if you’re feeling generous (as we often are) for FREE!

Screenshot of the postcode delivery section .


So that’s what the system does in a nutshell.  But none of that would mean much if it didn’t do the single most important thing for you, which is to finalise the order. What it actually does is send both you and the customer an email which confirms all the customer and order details.

Screenshot of the order email sent to site administrators

  • Name
  • Telephone Number
  • Email address
  • Delivery type choice
  • Delivery address (if applicable)
  • All payment information
  • All items chosen on the order and relevant costs
  • All choices and extras listed with the main item
  • Totals
  • Payment type choice
  • Whether the order has been paid for

Screenshot of the client order email. demo.cheaptakeawaywebsites.comThe system also allows you to accept card and other types of payment using Paypal.

Using the secure Paypal API we can verify the validity of payments before any confirmation is sent to you for preparation of the order.

This means you avoid losing money from wasted food due to fraud.

last word

We believe that this system is a great little system. It caters for everything we think a simple takeaway online ordering website should. It does what you would expect of it, right out of the box.

However we do not believe that all of that is the best part of what you get when you purchase one of our websites.

The best part is the automatic upgrades to the software system.

Every time something new is needed, every time we think of another great service to offer you through your website, or think of a great new service you can offer your customers through your website, we will update the system and your site will benefit.

You’ll get plenty of notice that these updates are happening, and you will not need to lift a finger. When we are ready we will inform your website that an update is available and it will do all of the hard work for you! Every update will be tested first by us with a live version of the code on our demonstration site. This way we are able to avoid breakages and unexpected errors, and roll out a tested and fully working update to you.

That’s right! You won’t have to do a thing and your website will continue on with brand new features for you and your customers.

Now that is one clever little website!

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