What does the website do?

The websites are designed and constructed to specifically collect food orders and card payments via your own PayPal or Worldpay account. Alternatively the customer can choose to pay with cash on delivery. It also stores all the order and customer information (not including credit card details – these are NEVER stored).

How do WE receive the orders?

All orders are sent to you via email and can be received by any smartphone, computer, tablet or laptop. Emails can be received by any members of staff with access to emails. This means there are NO separate data charges associated with the thermal printers as used by portals like Just Eat etc. Alternatively we provide GPRS printers and our EPOS software (coming soon) which are both already connected to our websites.

Does Cheap Takeaway WEBSITES take a commission?

No, all proceeds go straight to your PayPal or bank account. There are fees payable for the use of the card payment systems. Cheap Takeaway Menus do not take any commission payments like takeaway ordering portals such as Just Eat. At no time do Cheap Takeaway Menus hold your money! As alternatives to using PayPal you can also allow your customers to pay with cash on delivery or make a card payment over the phone.

How much are the card fees?

Paypal will charge you 3.4% plus 20 pence per transaction. We have negotiated great rates with Worldpay which are much better than their advertised rates. Our customers pay these great rates:

  • Debit Cards – A transaction fee of 0.57% + 10p for businesses with an annual turnover of £150000 where an average order value is between £10 and £40.
  • Credit Cards – A transaction fee of 1.85% + 10p for businesses with an annual turnover of £150000 where an average order value is between £10 and £40.

More information can be found here Payment Gateway Information. Here is how to apply for a Worldpay payment gateway

What are the future costs?

All you pay is £250 per year (plus £25 p.a. if you buy a domain with us and £25 p.a. API fee if you buy a GPRS printer) for your website’s hosting, technical support (if it goes wrong we fix it for you) and updates. We will be continually updating and improving the sites to include more and more stuff like social networking connectivity (Facebook, Twitter etc.), food picture galleries, customer comments area etc.

Do you provide SIM cards and contractS for the GPRS printers?

We can provide a SIM card with your printer but it will be subject to a £25 setup fee. We cannot provide contract SIM cards, only PAYG.  You can then contact the SIM provider to switch to a contract account in your name; you will be responsible for the fees this produces and the ongoing costs of the SIM card and data.

Can WE make changes to the prices?

Yes you can, at any time of day or night. All you need to do is log in to your CMS to add/edit categories, products, descriptions, prices, delivery info, opening times and store details. We can make changes for you but we do charge £25 per set of changes.

Do you provide an “app” for phones?

You do not need an additional “APP”. Our websites are built using adaptive and responsive content so they alter their size and shape to work on any internet enabled device. This saves you time and increases the likelihood of online orders. See how it works on our demo site, try altering devices or your browser window to see how it responds.

Where should I register a domain

We recommend that you keep control of your own domain. You can register anywhere you like. However, due to the way our domain registrar Heart Internet control their domain names and hosting, if you purchased your domain there we would have to “take control” of your domain and transfer it into our list of domains as we cannot provide you with a site outside of our hosting account. If we need to transfer your domain to us we would have to charge a £25 transaction fee ON TOP of your existing domain registration fee, and our fee would continue on for the length of your registration. It is for this reason if you decide to purchase your domain elsewhere we suggest you do not use Heart Internet.

What if I need to update the nameservers for a domain I already own

If you already own a domain name and you’re coming over to us for hosting you’ll need to change the nameservers so all your traffic gets directed to your new hosting service (us). Visit your current host and update the nameservers (DNS) with the following:

Future Updates

As we improve and add features you will automatically be updated and upgraded. Future developments include:-

  • Front end user system for customers’ stored orders, saved delivery info, favorite food lists etc
  • Customer reviews and feedback
  • Food photo galleries to promote your food
  • Development of a “special offer” system along with automatic product email offers to customers who have ordered the items previously
  • Email marketing system to promote offers and new products directly to customers