Guide to setting up a PayPal account

Cheap Takeaway Websites is keen to make sure that the takeaway website we provide is achieving its full potential as quickly as possible. That means everything needs to be in place and working properly when the customers start clicking and ordering. To that end Cheap Takeaway Websites likes to get involved in as many ways as possible to help things go smoothly and quickly.


So, similar to our recent guide to signing up at Worldpay we thought it might be useful to briefly go through what is involved in setting up a PayPal account for your takeaway. It’s quite straightforward and there is always help available should you hit any snags along the way.


Firstly, from the PayPal homepage click on the BUSINESS tab (as indicated below).


This will open a drop down menu as seen below. For the purposes of signing up click on Accept online payments. There are a number of other things you can add to your account later (as indicated at the end of this guide).


Once you’ve clicked then the page below will load. If you ignore the Log In and Sign Up buttons and click on Get Started you will be straight into setting up your business account. Note the Freephone number should you want to speak to someone about any questions you might have before continuing.


Enter your email address or the one you intend to use for your PayPal account.


Fill in the details as requested, not forgetting to tick the User Agreement box (after you have read it, of course…). Click to continue.


The next three screenshots are of the same page. Three drop down menus appear for you to choose, business type, category, and sub-category.




A little more information to be entered next about the account holder. If your home address and business address are different (and they probably are) you will be asked for that address also.


After clicking Continue, the page below will load. It’s worth clicking on See more for all of these just to have a quick read over what they’re all about, but the chances are you’ll just want to choose the top option.


Once you have chosen it and clicked Continue you will be asked how you want payments to be processed on your website. Choose the left hand option which will be ensure that all payments go through PayPal’s servers and are subject to their security measures and responsibilities.


Once that choice has been made, click on the Account set-up tab to bring up the screen below. Go through these one by one and complete them to fully set up your business on PayPal.


The last screenshot, seen below, has been added here to highlight where you need to click to look at PayPal’s fee structure. It’s definitely worth studying, comparing and contrasting.


Remember you can make changes to your account details at any time and PayPal can be contacted on 0800 358 7929 or through the website


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