What makes a good logo?

Cheap Takeaway Websites isn’t just about providing online food ordering websites at a low cost, it’s also about takeaway restaurants themselves. We have immersed ourselves in all things takeaway. Just like our sister site Cheap Takeaway Menus, we think that we can provide a better service all round if we know as much as possible about every aspect of the takeaway business. With that in mind, this month we’re taking a look at your business logo.

A quality takeaway logo design is the basis of a quality takeaway brand identity. Your logo becomes a brand when it is used on items like business cards, website and web advertising, stationery, clothing and marketing materials such as flyers, posters, and takeaway menus. Your logo is the beginning of the journey towards a successful and profitable brand. A quality logo design is simple, distinctive, timeless, appropriate, memorable, versatile and describable.

A simple takeaway logo design should be easy to recognise. Often it flashes by in the corner of your eye, so it needs to make a mark. Simple design improves the chance of the logo being memorable and describable; how can someone describe it if they can’t remember it.

Distinctive design stands out from the crowd so your takeaway logo should have something that makes it unique without becoming overworked and complicated.

The best logos are able to stand the test of time. The best example of this has to be the Coca Cola logo which hasn’t changed in over 100 years (Pepsi has changed its logo over ten times).

A good takeaway logo design needs to be absolutely appropriate for the type of food you serve in your takeaway. Similarly the colours and fonts must be fit in with the cuisine.

Effective takeaway logo design has to be memorable to your customers. They need to be able to associate your brand between all points of contact (i.e. your shop, menu, advertising, uniforms and delivery vehicles). If you over-complicate the issue it won’t work, so the ideal approach is through a simple but appropriate logo.

A describable logo means it has lodged itself in the visual memory, working as shorthand for everything your takeaway has to offer. If someone can describe it, they can remember it; if they can remember it, then they can bring to mind the place, the people, and most importantly the food.

A well-designed logo will be usable across the wide range of applications you will be using for your takeaway business. It needs to be memorable and look good on your business cards, shop front and signage, staff uniforms, takeaway menu and of course your website.
To ensure versatility, a logo should always be designed in vector format. This will ensure that you and your designers can scale the logo to whatever size is needed without compromising the quality of the image. When designing any logo it is best to use Adobe Illustrator (or other vector-creating equivalents); never use Photoshop (or other raster equivalents)
The best first step is to design the logo in black and white. This allows you to concentrate on the concept and shape; at this point you don’t need to get distracted by ideas about colour.

Put some thought into your logo. Take advice and go through a few options to make sure your logo is right for your takeaway and reflects the type of business your run.

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