What to consider when buying an online ordering system

At Cheap Takeaway Websites we design and build online food ordering systems for the takeaway and restaurant industry. We have years of experience in the skills required to create websites which do everything required of them. We pride ourselves on providing high quality, professionally designed and built sites at a low cost. Our services reflect our name.
If you are thinking about buying an online food ordering system there are a few things you should bear in mind before you make your decision. We believe that the following things are essential to your thinking when you are choosing your ordering system, which is why we have already considered and addressed them when we created and built the websites we sell. In fact this article should be subtitled ‘What we considered when we created one’.

Search Engine Optimisation

The first thing you need to ensure is that you have your customer’s attention. You’re not going to do much online business if no one knows you’re there to do business with. By now, even if you don’t use one much yourself, pretty much everyone knows what a search engine is: in the digital world people utilise a search engine to trawl through the internet and present you with a list of websites relevant to the subject you asked it to look for. It stands to reason then that any websites who want to be found need to make themselves discoverable. To guarantee your site is going to be quickly and easily located it needs to speak in a language that search engines understand.
Pretty much everything which makes sure search engines see your website is determined by the system you use. If your software has not been developed with this in mind you could throwing your money away; a customer may search for a takeaway in your precise area and you might not even show up on a list of results.
Today’s internet is so competitive that you really need to appear on the first page of search results, and as high up that page as possible to have a chance of getting a potential customer’s attention.
We are happy and proud to say that the online food ordering system which we provide at Cheap Takeaway Websites employs a wide range of techniques from meta tags to rich snippets which give search engines clear indications of what your site is all about and what it contains. This has been proven to ensure that your content is stored by the search engines to be used for future searches.


Usability is basically how simple something is to understand and use to fulfil a particular task.
Most of the online ordering systems on the market were designed for a time when every company on the internet had a single designated IT guy who did nothing but work on the company website. They are large and unwieldy systems which were designed and built in the knowledge that the main user would be a skilled web technician.
Thankfully those days are gone and today anyone can have a website. This means that usability has now taken on much greater importance. So building a system which is simpler to use means you are building a system which anyone can use.
Cheap Takeaway Websites has dedicated its efforts towards making sure that our online food ordering system is simple presented and easy to use without losing out on elegant design or being patronising in its approach. The system is intuitive and users can pretty much jump right in. You can test that out for yourself on our demo site.


Design plays an enormous part when it comes to attracting customers. There may be all the bells and whistles, cogs and wheel going on in the background of a websites but it is design which initially gets us. We are visual animals, so although our higher brain might marvel at how something works, how it looks is the thing which catches our attention in the first place.
Cheap Takeaway Websites has fantastically talented team of designers with extensive experience. We employ their skills to create unique, eye-catching, bespoke designs for both your website and, if you visit our sister site, your printed menus. This has the added bonus of creating a flow of image and design ideas from one to the other resulting in a seamless brand interaction.


Features are marvellous in moderation. Social media is fantastic for your business (see last month’s article) but be careful not rely on them at the expense of the actual purpose of your website – selling food. We all know how distracting links and so-called clickbait can be, so choose your features/add ons wisely. It’s a fine line between bringing extra traffic to your site and seeing that traffic whizz on by to check out the ‘top ten destinations for your winter break’.


Updates are where you can really be let down by your online food ordering system. Older examples may not have any flexibility built in. It may have started life as something else entirely and been repurposed as a takeaway ordering system.
Say, for example, that your “new” website doesn’t allow you to add on products as special offers? Or you want a dedicated user area where customers can store information about themselves in the form of saved orders? Who do you speak to about getting this work done? How much will it cost? Can it even be done? Will you be left with thousands of pounds of software and no way of using it effectively?
Cheap Takeaway Websites’ system is one of the newest online food ordering systems on the internet today. It is up-to-date and modern, and it is built with today’s takeaways (and their staff and customers) in mind.
The market changes, your needs and your customers’ needs change, technology moves forward; with this in mind we regularly update our sites at no charge, adding new features, making improvements and changes (sometimes at your suggestion), and continuing to ensure these changes do not detract from your users’ experience but rather add to it.


This is perhaps the bottom line when deciding on any and all investments for your business.
Many systems out on the market at the minute take advantage of what people expect to pay for a website. Many people are still under the impression that simple websites should cost thousands. They shouldn’t.
Our websites are priced as low as they are because we believe they should be. We’re interested in developing a relationship with our customers, not taking their money and sending them on their way. Plus, we can’t very well call ourselves what we do and not follow through on the promise inherent in our name.
Take a good look at the software you are about to purchase.
• What does it do to get itself noticed?
• How easy is will it be for my customers and myself to use?
• How good is the design? Can I get it changed?
• Do I really need the features included or will it distract my customers from buying my food?
• Can I get updates? What will it cost me?
Can I get more for a better price?

Now ask yourself those questions again, while taking a look around our demo site

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